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Hi, I'm Silke.


I'm the owner of SustainablyWell, a certified Doctor of Natural Health and Homeopath. I graduated from Trinity School of Natural Health. I've been studying Classical Homeopathy with H.O.E and Intuitive Homeopathy under Angelica Lehmke (School of Intuitive Homeopathy).


I've been practicing Holistic Health for more than a decade. It was my daughter's recovery from an autoimmune condition called PANDAS that encouraged me to follow my passion and start a second career. I've experienced how Natural Medicine has helped my family and I'm eager to help you experience the same.


My process involves a unique blend of services and protocols to get to the root cause of your condition, including: homeopathic remedies, natural supplements, vitamins, and other methods.


My goal is to help you live your highest quality of life by providing you with what the body needs to heal itself.


I want to help you learn to trust your intuition and become sustainably well.


While I see clients with almost any condition, I specialize in helping children. These children may have chronic, physical, mental or emotional problems, behavioral or learning challenges.


Their behaviors are often associated with:


  • Aggression and/or Anxiety

  • Allergies

  • Autism

  • Depression

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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Healing Families Naturally.

Please take a look at the Homeopathy page for more information. 


By implementing the CEASE method (Complete Elimination of Autism Spectrum Expression), I can help their body to detox (homeopathically) from relevant stress factors including: vaccines, antibiotics, childhood diseases, anesthesia, etc. Please give me a call to find out more about this service.

"Silke, I just had to give you an update. Yesterday my son had an amazing day!

He told me: "Something is changing, Mama. It's getting better. It's from the things that are helping me with my anxiety (meaning homeopathy)." My husband and I continued to be amazed and are so very thankful for you and for homeopathy."

- Stacy, Waynesboro


My Approach is:

  1. Individual: No two persons are alike, so I have an individual approach to Empowering Natural Health

  2. Wholistic: Homeopathy works on the whole person, it is truly a wholistic system of medicine

  3. Simple: I like to keep it simple – today’s world is very overwhelming.

Send me an email today at, to setup your free, 15-minute consultation.


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