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Series Therapy - A Powerful Homeopathic Approach To Chronic Infections

Chronic infections can be a hidden source of unexplained symptoms. To help our bodies to get rid of these unwanted pathogens, we can use a homeopathic approach called Series Therapy.

Lately, I have had a lot of clients asking me about this approach. So, how does it work?

Series Therapy is based on the homeopathic concept of nosodes.

A nosode (from nosos, the Greek word for disease) is a homeopathic preparation or dilution made from a diseased tissue or disease-causing organism. Nosodes are available in different potencies. The theory behind taking these nosodes in a specific order is to stimulate the body's natural immune response.

DesBio is the first company in the United States to produce Series Therapy Kits. Their kits work with the body's natural immune response to develop an intelligent and targeted approach to controlling infections.

Each kit contains ten vials, each with a different safe and effective dilution of the actual deactivated virus or bacteria the kit is intended to address. The vials are taken in series, first increasing in potency for the first 30 days of the protocol, then decreasing in potency for the second 30 days. This ascending and descending sequence provides a powerful homeopathic approach to chronic and acute infections.

23 different Kits are available:

- Bartonella

- Borrelia

- Brucella

- C. Difficile

- Candida Albicans

- Chlamydia

- Condylomata (for HPV)

- Coxsackie

- Cytomegalovirus

- Epstein Barr Virus

- Giardia Lamblia

- H. Pylori

- Hepatitis

- Herpes Simplex

- Herpes Zoster

- Mycoplasma

- Nanobacterium

- Parvovirus

- Peptostrep

- Rocky Mtn. Spotted Fever

- Streptococcus

- Toxoplasma Gondii

- Valley Fever

I have used many of these kits successfully with my clients.

If you feel Series Therapy might be beneficial for you, please contact me. I'm happy to answer your questions and help you to feel better.

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