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Tarentula Hispanica - an Interesting ADHD Case

Kevin's mother came into my office about two years ago when her son had just turned eight years old. Kevin was very small for his age and looked very fragile.

Kevin was extremely willfully and active. His mother was concerned about his horrible tantrums - especially at school. She was anxious that he could harm himself or others in his classroom. Kevin also had a hard time concentrating and was diagnosed with ADHD.

I talked to Kevin's mother for a long time. We talked about her pregnancy, Kevin's baby and toddler years, and she gave me a lot of good information.

This is what Kevin's mother told me about her son:

"He loves people. He is hyperactive and loves attention. Everything has to be fast. He loves to climb and dance. His teacher offers him a 'dance break' for good behavior. I have signed Kevin up for dance class and he never wants to miss it. He loves music and starts dancing every time he listens to it. He has a funny way of dancing - he is often down on the floor with all fours."

Kevin is often very impulsive. He can't control his behavior. He throws things when he gets angry.

Nobody is able to talk to him when he is in a tantrum. He can be very mischievous and loves to manipulate. He sometimes lies, but feels sorry about it afterwards.

During the interview I got a good picture of Kevin and his behavior. I decided to give him the remedy Tarantula Hispanica (Spanish Spider).

The remedy has an effect on the nervous system, and can help children who are extremely active and restless. These children love music and are often very rhythmic. They can be very impatient and often break things. Tarentula Hispanica is a useful remedy for children diagnosed with ADHD and PANDAS and other neurological disorders.

Tarentula-children often need an outlet for their excess energy, and it can manifest as extreme movements, dancing, running, etc.

I met Kevin's mother a month later for a follow up, and she was very pleased with her son's behavior. He had just two mild tantrums at school and was calmer than before. Kevin repeated the remedy two more times.

Kevin has become calmer and a good student. He is concentrating better and hasn't had any major tantrums. He still loves to dance and recently performed in a school musical.

I still see his family from time to time for acute problems.

If you would like to learn more about the power of homeopathy, or have an acute or chronic health condition, please click here to contact me.

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